Whole30 Wrap-Up

Thirty days.

We spent thirty days eating super clean (well, if you can count things like sugar-free bacon as being super clean). We cut out all cookies, candy, chips, booze, diet soda, fast food, deep fried foods . . . and we realized that these things just aren’t that great. I’m not talking about great for you, because duh. But we were eating spicy chicken combos from Wendy’s on a semi-regular basis, and now I can’t fathom eating one ever again. (The two Wendy’s around here tended to serve nasty, soggy fries about 9 out of 10 times we picked up fast food. We ate them because they were there . . . but they sure weren’t good.)

So here’s a super-long post about what we learned/the results/our plan for the future.

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Whole30: Day Thirty

Last day. Capricorn 15’s. Year of the city 2015. Carousel begins.

Pardon me, I’m feeling just a bit giddy. In less than three hours, we will have completed our first Whole30. I wasn’t sure we’d be able to do it, but here we are! I’ll write a wrap-up post tomorrow or Sunday, but for now I’ll keep this relatively short and sweet.

Speaking of sweet, my boss brought two big boxes of sugar cookies from the local bagel place to our staff meeting today. I grabbed an apple cinnamon RxBar out of my desk drawer to cope. I was hungry enough that I couldn’t have just sat there and watched everyone else eat cookies, and the RxBar fit the bill just fine. I actually really enjoyed it, and when I’d finished it I realized that I didn’t really want a cookie anyway (the grapes were probably sour, said the fox).

  • Breakfast: eggs scrambled with leftover king crab and chives, fresh veggies, half a peach
  • Lunch: leftover chicken salad, cabbage salad, cherries
  • Supper: the rest of the crab, the rest of the chicken salad, a romaine and tomato salad, and a peach

Whole30: Day Twenty-Nine

I survived the pizza/beer party at work today! I was a little sad, because they got pizza from my favorite local place (which I hardly ever go to, maybe once every five years–they don’t have online ordering and/or don’t deliver where we live, so we never get around to ordering from there). It smelled so good. Luckily, most of the party moved out to the balcony, away from the boxes of pizza, so I had an easier time of it once I stepped outside.

I’m looking forward to having to be somewhat less cautious about my food choices once the Whole30 is over. I still don’t intend to pig out or go back to a lot of bad choices, but I do want to be able to, say, eat a slice of good pizza when the occasion warrants.

  • Breakfast: bacon and eggs, a plum, cabbage salad
  • Lunch: chicken salad made with apples, green onions, and slivered almonds; fresh veggies
  • Supper: Crab Louie from Nom Nom Paleo

The Crab Louie was good. Usually when we eat crab, we just dip it in clarified butter, so this was a nice change of pace. I made it with a single king crab leg we had hanging out in the freezer, and we had plenty left over. Tomorrow morning I believe I’ll try my hand at scrambled eggs with crab.

The crab was really good quality, too. We order most of our seafood from FishEx, and it’s always superb. Husband grew up in Alaska, so he’s a little picky* when it comes to things like crab, salmon, shrimp, scallops, and halibut. What you can get at the grocery here in the Midwest pales in comparison with having it shipped straight from Alaska.

* understatement, but I’m not complaining about it, either

Whole30: Day Twenty-Eight

I can’t believe it’s almost over. It’s incredible to realize that we’ve done this for almost a month, and that so much has changed. Not everything, unfortunately. I’m apparently still sensitive to too much fructose, and I guess eight cherries is too much fructose. (The less said about that, the better.)

Tomorrow at work we’re having a party to celebrate the launch of a huge website. It’s a BYOB affair, and there will be pizza, and we’re also supposed to bring a dish to share. I’m already spending all evening every evening in the kitchen, so I think I’m just going to take an extra beef stick and a LaCroix. Because I just don’t have the energy to prep something extra.

  • Breakfast: flatiron steak, spinach salad, half a peach
  • Lunch: Applegate Farm roast beef, fresh veggies, cherries
  • Supper: salad lyonnaise from Nom Nom Paleo, along with a sweet potato (me) and a chicken breast (husband)

I have to say, the salad was amazing. I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed a salad more, and that’s including the one I get at the local brewpub that has ahi tuna on it. Funny, too, how fast I went from wanting my eggs cooked to death to being willing to eat them with runny yolks. And on top of greens.

Husband ate about two hours later than I did, ’cause that’s when he finally got home from work. He went to “the city” today, so he stopped at Whole Foods (we’re getting one, but it doesn’t open till next year) and picked up some EPIC Bars to try. He’s not a fan. I’m on the fence. I think we would have liked the bites better than the bars. But I’ll eat them, because I hate wasting food. And they’ll likely grow on me. Or I’ll talk myself into eating them . . . because I hate wasting food.

Whole30: Day Twenty-Seven

I did not get enough sleep last night. I got six and a half hours, which is pretty much on par with what I usually get, but it just wasn’t enough. I spent most of the afternoon in a haze of sleepiness. I had a cup of coffee around 2 p.m. yesterday, and I didn’t want to have one today because I don’t want to get in the habit of needing caffeine to get through my afternoon. But looking back, I kinda think I should have gone ahead and had the coffee. I was pretty useless at work for the rest of the day, and in fact went home at 4 because I wasn’t getting anything done and I hoped that a change of scenery would give me a little more motivation. (It did, and I got a bit more done at home–but I would have loved nothing more than a nap instead.)

In general, I’m still feeling really good, and I have energy in the mornings. I think I would be feeling like I have a lot more energy in the evenings, too, if I were just getting more sleep at night. Tonight I think I’ll go to bed at 10 and see if I can get closer to eight hours.

  • Breakfast: leftover sausage from Sunday, scrambled eggs, cabbage salad, half a plum (was supposed to be a whole plum, but the one I cut up for Husband was bitter and gross, so we wound up splitting one)
  • Lunch: the rest of the kalua pig, fresh veggies, half a peach
  • Supper: leftover steak skewers with cherry barbecue, cabbage salad, half a pink lady apple with some sunflower butter

Whole30: Day Twenty-Six

I think I faced my biggest challenge of the entire month today around 10:30. One of my coworkers bought a white chocolate cranberry scone from the local bagel place and ate it at his desk. Ohhhhh it smelled delicious. That, more than anything else that’s happened this month (including the other coworker who bought everyone cookies) really hit me. I just kept reminding myself that Husband and I are planning to make a really spectacular baked good for dessert on Saturday.

(I realize that actually planning to bake a sugary treat the day after we’re done sort of goes against the tenets of the program. But I think I’ve already mentioned that we’re going to be mindful of our off-plan treats. And I think celebrating with homemade pizza and brownies on one evening is just fine. We’ll consider grains the first item in the reintroduction protocol.)

The steak skewers were delicious. Next time I think I’ll skip the skewers (I didn’t soak them long enough, and they went up in flames), but the steak itself and the sauce were divine.

Husband and I went for a walk after supper. It was after 8:30 when we left the house, so it was near dark by the time we got back. Kind of muggy out, too–more so than when we walked around noon yesterday. I think it’s supposed to storm tomorrow, so maybe I’ll make time for PiYo instead.

Whole30: Day Twenty-Five

Wow, only five days left. When we started, it felt like this would be an eternity. The month has just flown by . . . mostly. I’ll admit there were times when it most certainly felt like time wasn’t passing at all.

Husband and I went for another hour+ walk today. It was a bit muggier than yesterday, and I got a little sun on my shoulders. Not enough to call a burn, but I’m definitely a little pink.

We had breakfast on the patio this morning. I really love sitting out there on Sunday mornings and listening to the cicadas.

  • Breakfast: breakfast sausage from Make it Paleo, scrambled eggs, cantaloupe
  • Lunch: steak salad made with leftover steak from last night, grapefruit, romaine, walnuts, scallions, and olive oil
  • Supper: pressure-cooker kalua pig, homemade barbecue sauce, cabbage salad, plum

All in all, a good holiday weekend.

Whole30: Day Twenty-Four

We managed to make it to the farmers’ market this morning, but walked away empty-handed. I think it’s the time of year where the foods we like most have either gone out of season (strawberries) or haven’t really come in yet (peaches). The market seemed oddly deserted, too, in terms of vendors. Not sure if it’s because it was the fourth of July or if maybe our wacky weather earlier this year did bad things to the crops (we basically got the entire winter’s worth of snow and ice in three weeks in February/March).

So we went to the co-op, where we scored an absolutely beautiful cantaloupe–perfectly ripe, sweet, and incredibly juicy. And I’m not even a huge fan of cantaloupe! We also discovered that the co-op did away with their 5% discount on one shopping trip a month, and replaced it with a 10% discount once every two months. Since we were buying a lot of beef and produce, we used it–and saved $26. Of course, that means we spent a lot more than usual (that tends to happen when Husband goes grocery shopping with me, heh), but we’ve also stocked the freezer.

  • Breakfast: bacon, eggs, fresh veggies, half an orange
  • Lunch: “prosciutto e melone” from Make it Paleo, romaine salad with grape tomatoes
  • Supper: 2/3rds of a ribeye steak (saving the rest for tomorrow’s lunch), oven fries, homemade ketchup round #2, cherries

We tweaked the ketchup recipe in the Whole30 book–a little less vinegar (white instead of apple cider) and apple cider, a few more spices. I think we have a winner. Also, we almost duplicated the ingredients on my favorite ketchup, except without the tomato puree and the evaporated cane juice. (I’m thinking next time we should try adding a little puree–we added water, but it still needed a little something.)

I didn’t do PiYo yet again, but Husband and I went for about an hour, hour-and-a-half walk after we got back from grocery shopping. So I’m okay with that. I hit my 10,000 steps for the day by late afternoon, so no complaints here. (I hardly ever hit that goal, honestly.)

Whole30: Day Twenty-Three

According to the timeline, day 21 is supposed to be the “interlude” where serious food boredom strikes. I think we hit it today instead. Part of the problem is that I was going to go to the grocery store today and didn’t, so we’re kind of scraping the bottom of the refrigerator at this point. Saturday is my usual grocery day, so the fact that I didn’t go today is actually not a huge deal. But I absolutely HAVE to go tomorrow. I’m also hoping we can manage to get out of bed early enough to make it to the local farmers’ market before it gets crowded.

  • Breakfast: fried eggs, fresh veggies, cherries
  • Lunch: flatiron steak, scrambled eggs (Husband only), fresh veggies, raspberries, cherries
  • Supper: The rest of the hot dogs we’d opened for breakfast the other day, fresh veggies, cherries, half an orange

I did not manage to do PiYo today, sigh. I am so bad about committing to a workout program. I did walk almost two miles according to my Fitbit, so at least that’s something . . .

Whole30: Day Twenty-Two (Room for One More, Honey)*

I finally, finally managed to start PiYo today. Except I was going to do it when I got up, then realized the first workout was 42 minutes long, then realized I didn’t have time to work out and eat breakfast and take a shower and still make it to my eye doctor appointment. So I did it a lot later than I meant to . . . but I still did it.

This is probably a good day to start a workout routine, as it was the first day of my four-day weekend. If I can get momentum going throughout the weekend, with luck I can keep it going on Monday. I’m not 100% sure about PiYo, though. I guess if I decide I don’t want to stick with it, I can switch to one of the other programs I own, like Chalean Extreme or Turbo Jam or T25. (Yes, I am a Beachbody addict, and also Chalene Johnson is my spirit animal.)

  • Breakfast: half of a tri-tip steak, romaine salad, pineapple
  • Lunch: salad made with romaine, the other half of the steak, grapefruit segments, olive oil, and a few walnuts (delish)
  • Supper: the last of the leftover roast chicken, raw vegetables, a handful of raspberries, half of a pink lady apple with some sunflower butter

*double internet bonus points if you get this reference.